Hudson Castle Group is a private, independent company that developed a niche financial services business and became a leading arranger of debt funding solutions serving premier global financial institutions in the U.S. and Europe.

Under new leadership beginning in 2002, Hudson Castle’s business model was re-engineered to position the company to meet the burgeoning demand from commercial and investment banks for alternative sources of short-term funding.  Leveraging our extensive institutional relationships and knowledge of the global credit markets, Hudson Castle’s operating team developed various liquid debt products which provided a robust and cost-effective source of funding to financial institutions between 2002 and 2010.

At our peak, Hudson Castle arranged approximately $38 billion of short-term financing for 12 premier clients, each of which was a listed and regulated financial services company.  All of the financing arranged by Hudson Castle was funded through special-purpose finance companies or conduits as investment grade rated debt and placed by registered Wall Street broker dealers with institutional investors. 

As an intellectual capital platform, our value proposition to our clients resided in our ability to (i) develop and execute customized debt funding solutions that met the demands of institutional investors and (ii) continuously maintain access to cost-effective, short-term funding in the global capital markets, including during volatile and hostile market conditions.  Our value proposition to our clients was most evident with our performance during the severe financial markets crisis of 2007-2009 when we worked closely with clients, investors and regulators to maintain and ultimately help restore credit flows in the money markets.